Our Story So Far

Celeriac. That was the beginning.

Bristol, 2011. Anneliese and Jules were training as actresses. Over the next 2 years, they shared car journeys and personal tales, built trust and became friends.

They were both at a stage in life when they should’ve been behaving like responsible adults, instead of playing with stories.

Jules told Anneliese they needed to work with stories. Anneliese wasn’t listening properly; they were in the car, and she had other things on her mind. 2 months later, a good friend gave Anneliese a copy of  “The Moth”, transcripts from brilliant true storytelling events in America.

Jules and Anneliese don’t live in America.

With a burning desire to share, they used their super powers of life experience, positivity, joy, innate confidence, research and practice to develop personal stories.

They wanted somewhere to tell and listen, so they started producing events in pubs and bars around Bristol.The idea blossomed. People attending the events started asking for help to tell their stories.

Anneliese and Jules were ready to help.

Combining an actor’s toolkit with emotional intelligence they developed 3 unique Telling Processes. These have become thresholds for the beginning of many personal journeys into storytelling.

Anneliese and Jules are nurturing children and adults to tell and connect, listen and learn.

Celeriac. That was the beginning. It’s a strange vegetable, a slow grower, an earthy boule covered with writhing root, concealing a subtle milky flesh, quietly popular. We both loved it, we shared recipes, we discussed its distinctive flavour. Our story was born.

It’s not really celeriac season but try it, I promise you’ll love it. You’ll find the recipe here http://www.riverford.co.uk/recipes/view/recipe/celeriac-soup.