Our Story So Far

In the dark basement studio at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in 2011, Anneliese and Jules met.

Anneliese had left her job as a business manager, just had her second baby, and decided to indulge in a lifelong desire to train as an actress.  Jules was rekindling a love of acting after years in TV production and NHS management.

It was a shot in the dark for both of them.  Stories were told both on and off stage, they were fascinated by the emotional power of stories to create strong relationships in a short space of time.

They tentatively started producing true story-telling events in pubs and bars around Bristol, to hone their craft and connect their communities through storytelling.

Then an amazing thing happened, people started asking for help to tell their stories. Anneliese and Jules saw the light!

They have developed a unique ‘Telling Process’ to help people tell their true stories, authentically and with resonance.

Whether helping an individual, community or business, Anneliese and Jules find the root of the story, the connections with an audience and celebrate each person’s unique way to tell it.