The Telling Process

If you’re feeling a bit cloudy about who you are and unsure about the right story to tell, The Telling Process is for you.

It’s dedicated time to exploring, clarifying and defining the story you want to tell.

Just like you, our service is personal and unique. Our aim is to develop a story with you that is authentic, individual and deeply resonates with an audience.

The Telling Process can help you communicate:

  1. Who you are.
  2. What you do.
  3. Why you do it.

We have experience of working with communities, business owners and organisations. Contact us on the form below and start a conversation, we’d love to hear your story.

“One of the most valuable things was having the space to think about this stuff, the space and framework to think about motivation and goals”

Company Director – Mace & Menter

“Working with ‘Tell It Like’ the day before our Seed Fund pitch was a revelation. From her top stage tips about warming up the voice and body, to some really useful ideas about opening lines and the little touches that make a story sing, Jules gave us the confidence to go out there and win over a room full of foodies.”

Rosie Marteau  Seed Fund Winner 2015.

Community Workshop Participants

“A great workshop where participants gained the support of other group members as well as expert feedback from the facilitators.”

“An opportunity to quit some of the madness of the world and get your listening ears on and feel the people around you.”

“A  great opportunity to hone your true storytelling skills, and see how fascinating other people can be.”